Curriculum Vitae

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Graduate School of Management
University of California, Davis
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I am involved in the development of Pyomo, which is a Python-based algebraic language for optimization modeling.

I am Editor-in-Chief for the INFORMS Journal on Computing.

Here is the list of confirmed speakers for the program for BayOpt2017.

I am past chair of the INFORMS Computing Society, which has a lot of interesting members working on optimization, computer science and artificial intelligence.

Want to see stochastic server location problem (sslp) results ? Look at my sslp github page.

Want to see a useful survey on stochastic vehicle routing? Look at The stochastic vehicle routing problem, a literature review, part I: models in EURO Journal on Transportation and Logistics.If that is not enough, look at The stochastic vehicle routing problem, a literature review, part II: solution methods in EURO Journal on Transportation and Logistics.

Introduction to Computational Optimization for Production Planning in Supply Chain examples: MPL, MOSEL, AMPL, GAMS, OPL, AIMMS

Preliminary Program for Optimization Under Uncertainty: Energy, Transportation and Natural Resources

Notation lecture for 252 and 206 (a huge file)

Notation example for 252 and 206 (a very large file)

There is a typo in the "Sizes" paper: The paper "Optimal Selection of Subsets of Sizes for Production," with S. Jorjani and C. Scott International Journal of Production Research, 37 (1999), 3697-3710 has a typographical error in constraint (7): the summation is for j greater than or equal to i, so i and j should be reversed in the summand, i.e., it should be x_jits (you cannot cut something and make it bigger). This error was repeated (via cut and paste) in the appendix of the paper "A Class of Stochastic Programs with Decision Dependent Random Elements," with T.W. Jonsbraaten and R. J.-B. Wets, Annals of Operations Research 82 (1998) 83-106 where the "sizes" problem was used as an example.

The smps file sizes.cor did not have this error. However, sizes.cor does have one error:

Y06JJ01 P06JJ01 -1.0 P05JJ02 -1.0

should be

Y06JJ01 P06JJ01 -1.0 P06JJ02 -1.0

This error also appears in deterministic equivalents generated from the file sizes.cor, such as sizes3.mps, etc. None of the algorithmic conclusions are affected by this, but I regret the error nonetheless because I know it creates confusion if you try to duplicate the results.